"Journey", the current album Val is working on is heavily based on a recent trial. In December 2011, his two year old son was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer. The odds were stacked against his son to survive such a devastating childhood cancer. Through a lot of prayer and God's mercy, his son is still here today and going strong. His son, his hero, is the main driving force behind the album and his first released single, "Angel."

In an effort to assist families facing childhood cancer and establish a non-profit organization to fund childhood cancer research, Val's goal is to deposit funds of his record sales into this mission that is so close to his heart. He firmly believes together we can make a difference. Raising awareness alone will not change anything, but action will. He is committed to being a voice for the children and families going through the life of childhood cancer.

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Meet Val Bryan's son, Princeton at http://www.princetonbryan.com and make a Donation Today